Me Time: Kiara


Who: Kiara, SUKU Retail Assistant
Where: South Yarra
Star sign: Scorpio

What is ‘me time’ to you?
For me, it's being in bed all day, finding a great series and binging watch. I used to be a very extroverted person and I couldn't stand having time alone. I would always try to find a friend to spend my days off with. Now, I found alone time very valuable, and I really enjoy it.

The most enjoyable thing for me to do to unwind is to cook. I love watching cooking videos, looking for recipes, and then experiment with them. Cooking a meal from scratch and producing a tasty, delicious meal gives me the most satisfying feeling ever! I find it interesting how one small ingredient can effect a flavour in a dish so much.

Kiara's profile photos by Dandra Andi.

And, I love to cook any type of food - I'm a foodie, so I eat everything! Literally everything! I always just love trying different things. Even more so, for me it's about being able go through the process of making a dish and having someone try my cooking and to hear them say they love it.

So, cooking in my own kitchen, making a cup of coffee, and putting on a Disney movie or my favourite song on - that's my routine every time. Here's my fav mixtape at the moment....