Me Time: Maxine

Friends and lovers of SUKU, we would like to share with you our new profile feature, Me Time! It’s about sharing with you the members of our SUKU family, those who help bring it all together, and how each of us relate to the idea of down time. We believe that ‘me time’ is super important, because we can connect back to ourselves, become inspired, and have more to share with others and the world.

For our very first post, we have Maxine, who works at our Melbourne concept store helping us with all things communications.

Who: Maxine, SUKU Brand communications assistant :-)
Where: Abbotsford, Melbourne
Star sign: Aquarius

What is ‘me time’ to you?
My alone time is very sacred! I’m a homebody who thrives off being physically comfortable, yet mentally challenged. For this reason, my ‘me time’ generally is me spending hours upon hours in my bed with my laptop, looking up all things astrology. I’m actually a bit of an astro nerd now, so for me there is nothing better after a long day than some good articles on astro-psychoanalysis and soul evolution. This is always my first preference in what to do to feel rejuvenated and nurtured. I recommend anything by Jan Spiller, and Stephen Arroyo!

On my days off, I love going to Metropolis Bookstore and picking out a beautifully designed publication. My recent fave is Atmospheres: Architectural Environments, Surrounding Objects by Peter Zumthor.  It’s very considered, quiet, and deliberate, even without reading the words. It’s just a pleasure to hold it and examine the detail!

If I don’t have much time for myself, the thing that brings me into the moment is making a pot of loose leaf tea. I have my favourite cup and herbal blend (Summer Tea from McIver’s Tea & Coffee Merchants), and this ritual makes me feel special no matter what else is on for the day.
Lately, if I’m having a hard time winding down, I’ll burn some Japanese incense and put on this track by Melbourne musician, Rings Around Saturn: