Pillowtalk: Amanda and Guy

In East LA, there’s a magical couple who sleep in a bed they call the Cloud. Amanda Charchian and Guy Blakeslee are true partners in love, art, travel, and all other aspects of their full and creative life. Amanda’s a photographer and sculptor who weaves crystals, landscapes and women’s bodies into alluring images. Guy is a musician and artist who fronts the psychedelic Entrance Band and creates equally psychedelic collage artworks. Together, they have created a loving home base where we caught up with them to talk about some of our favourite subjects: ideas, dreams, relaxing and the creativity in daily life.

You guys are both creative souls, how do your areas of creativity come together?
Guy: Certainly in obvious ways, like the fact that my last 3 records all feature Amanda's artwork on the cover! But also in the creativity of daily life-  creating a home together, creating our own reality...  Stimulating creativity with the things we choose to think about and talk about and experience. In this we are very fortunate to have a shared understanding of life as art.
Amanda: In addition to the album covers, we have made a few films together, either me shooting for videos for his songs, or him scoring my films. We also inspire each other in many ways. I have been lucky to have Guy write many songs about our love.

What are some things you do to relax, either individually or together?
Guy: We don't have a TV so we don't follow a traditional formula of relaxation, but we do watch movies together, meditate, go to the ocean, go for hikes in nature and read books.
Amanda: What Guy said, but also we go love going to the Korean spa or up to Big Sur.

You travel often for work, what makes you feel "at home" when you're on the road?
Guy: I've just gotten home from a long tour around the US, traveling/driving by myself, and more than ever before (I've been touring for almost 20 years!), I started on this last trip to understand something about home... That ultimately home is a state of mind and that our goal should be to feel "at home' in our own skin, wherever we find ourselves. I still have to work at that daily, but I did have some really pleasant experiences recently of being fully present in an unfamiliar landscape and feeling "at home" although our house was thousands of miles away.
Amanda: I agree with Guy.  We share a need to travel a lot and have new experiences both together and separately.  Listening to music, making oil pastel drawings and taking pictures help me to feel like I can be home anywhere.

Where/when/how do your best ideas come to you?
Guy: This has changed throughout my life... Most recently while washing the dishes, sweeping the floor or driving long distances.
Amanda: In states of relaxation, meditation.  During acupuncture, meditation or in the sauna!

A recent dream you remember?
Guy: I had a very vivid dream a few nights ago that I turned myself in at some kind of mental institution or prison facility because I was out in the cold without a place to go, and then immediately tried to leave. I found that I was confined there against my will, so an elaborate jailbreak then had to occur... then I was hiding out in the building next door plotting to help more innocents escape.
Amanda: My friend Emma Tillman sent me a text message in a dream that said "I am an island."  

Five activities you want to do in the sheets?
Guy: Reading, meditating, sleeping, drinking coffee, kissing and what Amanda says!
Amanda: Our bed is called the Cloud! We hang out in there a lot doing what couples do!

Any new projects you're working on that we should look out for?
Guy: I have a new record coming out in two weeks-- link is here 
Amanda: My book Pheromone Hotbox! Buy it here 

Photography // Cara Friedman
Amanda and Guy's Suku pick: Glacier Quilt set and Watermelon Wonder