Pillowtalk: Andien & Ippe

This morning we're hanging with the darling of Indonesia's music, fashion and fitness scenes, Andien Aisyah. A powerhouse in the vocal arena and a beacon for positive thinking, she's led thousands of followers into a fitter lifestyle while never breaking a sweat to look fabulous doing so. She's also an avid traveller and breaks all the rules with fashion - we love her individual style and outlook on life. We're not the only one in love with Andien though – her husband Ippe takes the cake there! SUKU gets in between the sheets with this gorgeous couple, and we get to know them through each others' eyes.

What did you think of Andien/Ippe when you first meet?
A: So basically, we met for the first time in 2002. I wanted to throw a disco 17th birthday party, and Mas Ippe was the Event Organiser that time. So yeah, I thought he's like a "senior" party goer : )
I: Party girl.

What are some of the sleeping habits Andien/Ippe has?
A: Snoring!
I: Eating before sleep, Kungfu sleeping style, sleep talking.

What is home to you?
A: His arms
I: A place where I can be with Andien and Miu, our cat

What is the cutest thing Andien/Ippe has ever done for you?
A: His wedding vow : )
I: She made me a cup of Teh Tarik (Indonesian style tea requiring vigorous frothing by hand!). Though it was tasteless because she added too much water - but I still think it's cute that she tried hard to make me happy.

What did your families think of Andien/Ippe when you first introduced them?A: They instantly fell in love!! They said Mas Ippe's the most sincere guy I've ever introduced. 
I: They liked her!

As a couple who inspire and adore each other, what special advice has Andien/Ippe given you? 
A: Umm.. To be grateful and more grateful each day. That the quality of a human being is measured by how much they give back to the society, to this earth.
I: She said "be a good leader".

Book or Movie?

What do you do to help each other relax after a busy day?
A: Joking around! If that fails... then dessert is then best answer!
I: I bring Miu to her.

Tell us, what song that reminds you a lot of Andien/Ippe?
A: “Lovely day” by Bill Withers
I: Our wedding song when we walked down the aisle....


Photography // Leandro Quintero
Styling // Karin Wijaya
Andien and Ippe's Suku pick: Origami Quilt Cover set and SUKU Loungewear.