Pillowtalk: Elizabeth De La Piedra

Freelance photographer and mama bear, the seriously styling Elizabeth de la Piedre gets into her SUKU this afternoon for a small catch up. Since completing a Bachelor of Arts at SUKU HQ's hometown Melbourne, she moved to the States where she kicks arse at art and life equally, a poster lady for doing it all and doing it well. She's staked her claim as being a pocket-rocket internet It girl, has become sexier after becoming a mum to gorgeous bubba Lex, and is our favourite tracksuit double-tap on Instagram. Meet Elizabeth.

How's coffee in Chicago versus Melbourne? 
It would be an insult to Melbourne to compare the two.
Who gets dressed first in a day, you or Lex? 
Although my outfit gets a little more thought lol Lex always comes first.

Does Lex go thrifting with you, or help pick your outfits? 
He definity thrifts with me, not that he likes it all that much. I prefer to thrift with out him so I can take my time. He likes to pull all the clothes out of my drawers and that's how he picks my outfit lol which is OK cause sometimes he be finding thing I been missing!  

What's your latest photo series and what inspired it? 
It's still a secret right now but it has a lot to do with the body, forms and language. It's a collaboration with someone in that field.
We're loving your feed and how you manage to make being comfy look super sexy. Any tips on how you manage to pull off both?
The balance between being comfy and slobby comes down to lil things like brushing your hair and adding some accessories. That's it really. I always feel sexy if my hair looks good and my bag is cute. It don't matter if my sweats have salsa on them.

What do you guys do as a family to get prepped for a good nights' sleep?
Eat a big meal. Lex loves a warm bath and then reading time. My husband and I drink tea and watch movies.
What was the first CD you ever bought, and do you still listen to it? 
Eagle Eye Cherry - Save tonight. I was 11 or something? I don't have it anymore but sometimes it comes on the radio while I'm driving and it still gives me feels. 
What are you doing to celebrate Mothers' Day this year? 
I love a good spa day. Since I became a mum all I care about it taking baths and getting massages. Yum cha first tho! They give all the mums free "Mom-osas" which I fuck with lol

Photography and Styling // Elizabeth De La Piedra
Liz's Suku pick: Okinawa Quilt set and Ohayou Loungewear.