Pillowtalk: Natalie Turnbull

Natalie Turnbull is a Melbourne stylist and designer who absolutely rocks our woollen winter socks. She splits her time between working at The Design Files sourcing and styling products for shoots. She also runs her own studio Witu with collaborator Elise Wilken in East Brunswick, where they design and make a range of neoprene bags in contemporary shapes and colours. On top of all that, she also works as a freelance stylist and art director. How does she do it all and stay balanced? Nat chats to us about keeping zen while keeping up with all her projects.

What routines do you have to get you into a zen state of mind?
My work and life don’t really cater to routine, everyday things change. One day I might be in my studio working on Witu things, other days I might be running around sourcing or on a shoot. So for me, my routine is in making my bed, having my green smoothie, planning my day then later going to bed early and reading or watching a TV show. I find doing these things keeps my world spinning in the mad way that it does.

How do you channel the idea of tranquility in your home, especially your bedroom?
My bedroom is the one place I try and keep really zen. I don’t have too much in there so it feels really relaxing. I always burn oils in there and have this beautiful Noguchi lamp on my bedside table that makes the room feel really chill. 


How do you make sure that you get a good night's sleep?
Sleep is so important to me, next to showering it’s my second fav thing to do, ha! I am the kind of person that needs 8 hours sleep, so I do always go to bed early and get up early. I drink a lot of herbal tea which is totally a huge part of my night time relaxation. At the moment I am drinking Sage tea which is delicious  and really relaxing.

What colours or smells help you feel restful?
I use a lot of colour in my work, so the colours I find relaxing are usually really muted. White, grey, light colours. Seems funny, but I think I associate brighter colours with work so my space is pretty simple in terms of colour! Smells, I love Bergamot, that’s in the oils I burn. I find it really restful.

What are you most comfortable outfits for lounging around the house?
My new Suku Kimono! For sure! And bed socks, haha, maybe I shouldn’t tell everyone that!

What is the latest playlist on your iPod for chill times?
I love chilled beats or relaxing music. I love Bonobo and I also really love Drake, but who doesn’t?!

What was your last weekend getaway or travel adventure to take a break from the daily grind?
That’s actually a funny story, but a couple of months ago it was my boyfriends birthday and we decided to book a really amazing apartment on Airbnb in the CBD on Flinders Lane instead of going away. We wanted to experience Melbourne how a tourist would, so we spent the day exploring the Botanical Gardens, going to galleries, nice cafes and ended the day at the Onsen in the city. All things we never really get time to do, even though we live here. It was so nice and a cool way to experience something new in a place we are so familiar with. When I do get out of town though, my family has a hilariously amazing 70’s house down in Anglesea, so I try and get down there whenever I can. It’s just close enough to go for one night even and feel like you have escaped the daily grind. 

What are your favourite food spots for an idyllic brunch?
My favourite places for brunch are Minanoie (everything there is amazing), Archies and Cibi.

When you have me time, what books, magazines or websites do you browse?
I love the Gourmand, Gentlewoman, and Apartamento. I also love reading Murakami but must admit I have become slack on the reading front lately. 

Photography // Sam Wong
Nat's Suku pick: Okinawa Pijama set and Watermelon Wonder Kimono