Pillowtalk: Sleepover Club

Back before we all shot up into the world trying make our dreams become a reality, we would huddle together on the bed ranting, laughing, crying, and wondering about all of our hopes and fears. Today it’s rare that we’re all in the same city at the same time. When we do get back together though, our sleepovers still feel exactly the same. We’ll always be silly, bright eyed, and supportive of one another in figuring out the complexities of our lives.

This SUKU Sleepover collection is close to our hearts, because it’s sisterhood that has always nurtured and lifted us up. For this SUKU Pillowtalk, we’ve brought together four inspiring women together for a day to discuss what keeps life magic and the importance of friendship. Chela is an electro pop musician who has just moved to L.A to make it in the U.S. Aisha is our favourite dancer who has just travelled to Japan and the U.S. Mary is the founder of Melbourne boutique artist management group, Cyclopses. Ruby is a good vibe angel and DJ.. Together, they make the SUKU Sleepover club!   

Who are you in the friendship group? i.e the organiser, the wild one, the mum, etc.
Aisha: I'm the positive one! Most of the time.
Mary: Maybe the drifter - But I also really love solo time so maybe I’m a loner in denial.
Ruby: My friends and I are all super versatile! Which is why we rule so hard together. Sometimes I'm a Yiayia or the party girl or the Lord of the Rings nerd. Versatility is key!
Chela: A bit of all of those things, but mostly - the wanderer. I'm constantly traveling and reporting adventures back to the gals.

Which situation in life has caused you to learn who your true friends are?
A: Moving countries. The friends I grew up with in New Zealand who I still stay in touch with and the people I met when I moved to Melbourne.
M: I couldn’t put it down to one situation but maybe I decided what I defined as a true friend by experiencing what it’s like to just be the best friend/person you can be at that point in time.
R: Moving overseas, the ones you stay in contact with are the ones you know you have forever.
C: When I've fallen ill - my truest crew have visited me.

Which part of growing up has given you the rudest shock yet?
A: When I realised I had stopped growing at the age of twelve.
M: I think all my rude shocks are on a planetary level — Perhaps realising environmental issues.
R: Definitely finishing art school and getting put into the real world.
C: Saturn Returns! Turns out it's a real thing.

Would you rather have more hours to sleep, or more hours to be awake?
A: Give me more dreams please! I'm very fond of napping these days.
M: If there was still only 24 hours in the day, I’d definitely choose more time to be awake.. If we could add more hours I wouldn’t oppose some extra time to dream so I could still be fresh in the morning after staying up late.
R: I’d love say more hours in the day, because I think that’s a much better way of spending time, but my body would disagree with me, I just love to sleep sooo much.
C: Awake to be turning dreams into reality!

Do you find that you attract a certain type of friend?
A: I am so lucky to be surrounded by such passionate and inspiring friends. They all have the ability to hang with themselves which is cool. That's what we have in common, our independence. Oh, and our love of Prince!
M: Well actually sometimes I do have to stop and think about how lucky I am to be surrounded by people who are so inspiring and real - sounds cheesy but I’m slowly coming to terms with my sentimental nature. All of my friends have their own unique qualities but I’d say the common denominator is that they are all extremely kind, honest people who aren’t afraid to show their vulnerability.
R: I love my friends because they are all so unique and special, but in saying that they are also the most supportive, intelligent, talented and beautiful group of people. I guess if I had to simplify it, strong independent women!
C: I like to think my chosen friends are straight-up, no-bullshit kind of characters.


What can a friend always count on you for? 
A: Turning a dinner party into a dance party
M: Hugs, maybe too many.
R: A dance to a bad pop song, a meal, a big talk, an activity or adventure partner.
C: To feed them good food!

Do you think it's easier or harder to make good friends later in life?
A: You definitely have to try harder as an adult, but I also think that could just be an excuse to stay home on the weekend.
M: I think technology is making it easier to maintain friendships. Many friends I consider my closest, are people who don’t live in Melbourne or Australia. It’s easy to forget that is a privilege of the time we live in.
R: The older you get you know more about what you want in a friend, it doesn't make it harder, you just get more selective.
C: Easier, because people generally lose ego as they age.

What's the importance of community to you?
A: Having people around you inspires creativity, open discussion, kindness and hopefully brings about change. A feeling of belonging to something that is bigger than you.
M: Strengthening community is my main motivation through all my little missions, work and personal - I think community helps people feel connected, and when people feel connected they feel powerful and happy.
R: I have this amazing community of creative friends who are so supportive and nurturing of my creative outlets. They're all super inspiring and doing amazing things and we scaffold one another in our various ways. It's extremely important to me.
C: Everything. A sense of belonging and ritual is something we all need as spiritual beings.

What does the colour pink represent to you?  
A: Femininity.
M: Pink reminds me of being young - Maybe the conditioning of “girls wear pink, boys wear blue”. I used to secretly reject pink because I never really felt too definite either way but it was fun and surprising to feel comfortable to embrace my ‘inner girl’ on a Sunday morning in front of a camera.
R: Love, kisses, and my boyfriend, because he really loves the colour pink!
C: I immediately think - skin. Because if there's one skin colour we all have, inside or out - it's pink skin. And to think of how related we all are in that way, is a beautiful thought.

What’s the first album you ever bought?
A: Mariah Carey’s Dream Lover.
M: Hanson, LOL!
R: Kylie Minogue, Impossible Princess. Nothing much has changed there.
C: Tyrannosaurus Hives by The Hives.

♥ ♥

Photography: Charlie Brophy
Model: Aisha Mary Kuryana, Mary Grigoris, Ruby Kannava, Chelsea Wheatley
Styling: Konrad Krusemann
Art Direction: Christine Lafian
Words: Maxine Dabrowski