SUKU X Leandro and Karin

It’s been a long time coming - we finally got to work with some of Indonesia’s best creative talent on a campaign shoot! For the Zen collection, we sent the Dream Team of stylist Karin Wijaya and photographer Leandro Quintero into the dense forested natural beauty of Bali. In a bamboo eco-hut designed for dreamers who want to retreat from busy lives and immerse themselves in nature, Hideout Bali provided the perfect backdrop for our new bedding and loungewear collection.

Karin and Leandro are leading a new wave of Indonesian fashion and product photography with a raw and unique aesthetic. They buck the trend of the digitally-manipulated commercial work in Jakarta. Together with gorgeous model Lutesha, they have made our vision for SUKU in Hideout Bali has turn into a fantasy… Read more about our Dream Team in a heartfelt interview below!

What do you guys have in common?
K:  I guess we both are not really into long-term planning. We love spontaneity, error, and surprises.
L:  1: We have both been raised with strong middle class values, meaning no one presents you anything in this life, and for everything you do, you need to work hard, because life is beyond tough out there. 2: We both have a very diverse circle of friends, and we both don't take anything for granted. 3: We really enjoy all kind  of art forms, and take inspiration from all forms, but mainly love art for it’s ability to make us re-connect with life.

How did you two meet?
L:  In 2014, I flew all the way to Jakarta from Berlin to do a campaign, and met Karin. From then on the relationship evolved organically, and around the world.
K: We met on a photo shoot for Hartono menswear in this dodgy street in Jakarta. Leo was the photographer, and I was the stylist. A dream team was in the making on that hot, humid & polluted day.

You guys recently moved to Bali, what is it that you like the most about Bali?K: The silence (where we live in Ubud), and the feeling like you are disoriented from time.
L: The nature that became a sort of coccon, escaping from hollow consumerism and zombified people.

How do you relax?
L: I listen a lot of experimental and ambient music… also lots of classical music. And, I read a lot to relax.
K: Spacing out and prompting my imagination through nature, books, music, and photography. My favourite spot is our hammock on the patio.

Are you a Morning Person or Night Person?
L: Morning.
K: Morning!

Can you share with us your secret go to place for Zen time in Bali?
K:  Oh many secret places, but one to look out for is the Hati Padi Cottage on Google Maps, we love the quiet rice field & forest around it.
L: Agree with Karin.

Zen Mantra?
L: The record “Rausch” from Frank Brettschneider (released under artist name Komet)  always works.
K: Thinking about water haha. I'm a water person.


Leandro and Karin’s SUKU pick, Desert sheets and Kimono
Photography // Leandro Quintero
Styling // Karin Wijaya
Model // Lutesha
Location // Hide Out Bali