SUKU X Tegan and Andrew

There's something exciting and promising about seeing two people commit to creating their dream lives together. SUKU muse, writer and content creator, Tegan Butler, and her partner, photographer Andrew Noel, took the risk to swap their day jobs with a road trip that had no end destination. Now, they are known for their dreamy documentary style photos and stories from their many travels. Having settled down in LA, it was in their light filled home that they created a special shoot just for SUKU, and answered our questions on working, travelling, and loving together.

How did you both meet?
Do you want the romantic version or the true version? Trick question - the romance is in the truth. We both found ourselves at a nightclub in West Hollywood during a Great Gatsby themed party. I had been living in LA for a few months prior and my friends and and I were the only ones not dressed in 1920s garb. My friend spotted him from across the room - his skinny blue jeans, low unbuttoned shirt and layers of beaded necklaces - also stood him apart from the crowd. She told me he looked like the perfect match for me. We kept running into each other weeks later, in different parts of town and through other friends, and eventually the rest is history. Just goes to show you can meet your soulmate in a club! 

What are your star signs?
We are both Gemini's. That explains a lot. We were born 4 days apart in the same year, but if you count the time difference between Australia and the US, it's actually only 3. We are each other's yin to our yang. 

What’s your secret to making love and work, work?
There isn't really a secret, it's just about your chemistry. You have to be able to listen, be kind, have patience and trust a lot in each other. And most of all, have balance.  

What's the best part of road tripping?
Waking up in a new place every day. Pulling over and running into fields to take pictures. Drinking wine by a campfire and looking up at the clusters of constellations. You can never see the stars in the city.  

Favourite album to play while driving?
Jamie XX - In Color. The sounds on this album put you into a meditative driving state as you watch landscapes shift and morph outside the window to each track. It's a soundtrack for all the senses.

Late nights or early mornings?
Early mornings. There is nothing quite like getting up with the sun and falling asleep when it sets. You get to make the most out of every drop of sunlight.

What’s on the horizon for this dream team?
We are heading back to Australia in February for a roadtrip around Western Australia, and have a growing list of cities around the world were planning to visit. During work weeks, we work on a lot of commercial projects, so we're looking forward to getting back to basics and re-opening our creative eyes whilst we're on the road. 

Tegan and Andrew’s SUKU pick, Ripple sheets and Blue Sky Jumpsuit
Photography // Andrew Noel
Styling & Model // Tegan Butler
Location // Los Angeles, USA