To Watch with Mulled Wine in Winter

Ashanti Putri from Pretty Much A Shop has lovingly picked out her top five films to get us through the coldest months. Spanning different genres and decades of filmmaking, these movies have one thing in common. They all inspire us to enjoy the romance of winter while feeling toasty warm. Invite your (furry) friends, get into your SUKU and press play! 


Youth (2015)

A movie set in a holiday retreat in the Swiss Alps about two best friends who reflect on their lives. Director Paolo Sorrentino really knows how to tell a story about the struggle between youth and age, life and death, the past and the future, and of course personal relationships in a beautiful  and simple way. The cinematography took my breath away at times. This movie really inspired me to plan my next European trip to be more of a getaway, and to focus on spas and chilling.


Mustang (2015)

It’s the Turkish version of  “The Virgin Suicides’ -  a film about five sisters coming of age while living under strict rules and their family’s obsession with arranged marriages.  It highlights the importance of sisterhood, and has more twists and hope, (but less soundtrack zone-outs) compared to “The Virgin Suicides”. I found watching this movie under my soft SUKU soft sheets in the middle of winter afternoon really took my mind off the cold.


La Piscine (1969)

Re-watching “La Piscine” after watching “A Bigger Splash” , which is loosely based on this very film, made me realise that there’s so much more mystery and thrill in this French classic. Watching Jane Birkin lounging around the pool, reading in the sun in a beautiful space away from everything... It definitely helps you feel warmer and maybe a tad more excited about your upcoming winter-escape or anticipate the summer!


Annie Hall (1977)

This is one of my favourites by Woody Allen, and always makes me want to visit New York and Los Angeles. It highlights the relationship between Woody Allen and Diane Keaton (possibly reflecting their real life at the time). It highlights Allen’s obsession with psychoanalysis and  features some elements of modernism.  Diane Keaton as Annie Hall is a great style inspiration, and  we can always escape winter days in our minds by watching this movie. A good one to snuggle up with your lover and watch in bed.


The Dreamers (2003)

My all time favourite of Bertolucci’s. It's got a very good bath tub scene, and many other special dreamy/erotic moments and conversations, with young peculiar Eva Green and Louis Garrel in Paris in the late 60s. Not to mention the dreamy Michael Pitt! A beautiful cinematic journey for film enthusiasts about film enthusiasts, it's perfect for winter lounging session with your loved ones while drinking wine.

Words // Ashanti Putri