Dream Baby Dream

SUKU’s debut collection, Dream Baby Dream, was first dreamt into realisation on a lazy summers day. Amidst the soft textures of her own bed, still wrapped in the mists of a dream, the designer, Christine Lafian, lay musing. In the background was the band Suicide’s track, Dream Baby Dream. With this lullaby ringing in her heart and mind SUKU was born.

Dream Baby Dream consists of handpicked, handmade runners from Indonesia. The runners have been re-designed to align with a modern expression. Each intricately crafted piece is edged with colourful beading and can be used as a multifunctional item around the home. Also featured in this collection is a range of bed linen saturated in vibrant colour-ways such as Mojito green, Flamingo pink, and Sunny Side Up yellow.

The linen is 100% rayon made from bamboo. This choice of material was a conscious decision on behalf of the designer, as bamboo is sustainable and not grown with pesticides. The sheets are hypoallergenic and far more breathable than cotton. The feeling when you first touch it is a super soft and silky texture, akin to your cotton sheets after 10 washes.

“Come on baby, you gotta keep those dreams burning” - Suicide, Dream Baby Dream

Words by Shannon May Powell | Photography by Charlie Brophy