In contrast to the vivid colour-way of Suku’s first collection, Lucidity symbolizes a clear and conscious move forward into new waters.  Inspired by the clarity of thought experienced in lucid dreams, the designer was driven to create a collection that represents dreams transforming into reality.

The Lucidity collection consists of misty grey hues. Using natural dyes that are derived from local plants, the visual design brings to mind soft floating clouds, the kind that drape over mountaintops in sub-tropical Balinese forests. The unique pattern for this collection was developed in collaboration with local Balinese Batik artisans, ensuring that each piece exhibits the hand-made quality and craftsmanship of Indonesian pattern making.

Each piece in the collection endures a slow and delicate process. The fabric is carefully hand dyed, folded and stamped to create the pattern. Once the dying process is complete, the fabric is hand sewn with love by local women in the SUKU studios in Bali. The designer’s intention for this collection was to create objects that embody an authentic and timeless story; one, which she hopes, will be passed on through generations of dreamers alike.

We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” - Joan Diddion, The White Album 

Words by Shannon May Powell | Photography by Charlie Brophy